Lessons “Children and war. Teaching Recovery Techniques” in secondary school № 25 (Novodruzhesk, Lugansk region). The school psychologists and trainers of the program Marina Gak and Olga Trushkina were involved in the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project and worked with 10 children. The specialists conducted an incredibly important and useful work, helped the children to master breathing techniques and relaxation techniques, taught them to cope with obsessive memories, anxiety, fears, nightmares. And also – they warmed them with their warmth and love, which every child who lives in the zone of military conflict in the east of Ukraine needs today. Irina Sukhova, the head and psychologist of the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine” came to the trainers and children with support and supervision.
Funds for therapy in the Lugansk region were collected during the charity concert “Gala of HOPE”, which was held in June 2017 in Zurich (Switzerland) by the Charity Foundation “HOPE worldwide Zurich” and the ensemble “u l t r a s c h a l l”.