Within the framework of the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine” lessons ” Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques “in the lyceum” Garant” in Lisichansk, Lugansk region. In the Lyceum, the children have their own photo studio, radio station and computer class, where they can master modern professions. Each student is dreaming of a peaceful, successful and happy future. To improve psycho-emotional state of 14 high school students and teach them how to cope with fear and stress that have arisen as a result of the military conflict in eastern Ukraine, psychologists coaches taught children the techniques of self-help. The classes were conducted by Svetlana Skarga and Tatyana Fastova.
Funds for therapy in the Lugansk region were collected during the charity concert “Gala of HOPE”, which was held in June 2017 in Zurich (Switzerland) by the Charity Foundation “HOPE worldwide Zurich” and the ensemble “u l t r a s c h a l l”.