On August 29, during the strafing in Donetsk a bomb exploded near the house of Ryabinins family in Donetsk. Two adults and three children did not have time to hide in the basement. They were wounded: torn radial nerve (Danylo, 5 years old), legs cut by shrapnel fragments (Viktoriya, 3 years old), wounded legs (Oleksandr, 19 years old). Children received medical assistance and have been evacuated.
The parents are staying in Donetsk hospital. Their mother hopes to be discharged soon; she has bed regime now and will walk in the cast afterwards. Their father has more severe cuts and a crushed leg bone. He needs feet amputation and implants in the hip and shin. He will be staying in bed rest regime for a long time.
The family needs financial assistance. The surgery costs 8100 UAH. After the surgery, they will need money for living and medication. 1000 UAH has been collected, but it is insufficient. To help Ryabinins family, please, contact, Nastya Porplenko.
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