M. M. Kuleba

Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights

A charitable project of creating free Ukrainian version of the interactive educational program “Active Book” is undoubtedly a great initiative and favorable development factor of extracurricular education for Ukrainian children and youth in the field of Christian education and Christian ethics.

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Implementation of innovative technologies in educational process opens new opportunities to interest and involve young generation into the process of independent and project education, development of their creative and analytical thinking and potential in line with today’s reality.

Everyone will be able to use the results of the project – “Active Book” – free of charge, therefore I state my personal endorsement to the project and invite everyone to join and support the realization of the project in format of informational partnership and donations.

T.M. Dementieva
Advisor to Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine on Issues of IDPs in Odesa Region

During the difficult times for Ukraine many people suffer from military actions in Eastern Ukraine – loss of their close ones and own homes, complicated displacement, anxiety and stress. These events have particularly traumatic influence on children.

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The psychologists of the “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” charity foundation guided by Ira Sukhova, conduct very useful educational “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques” trainings for social pedagogues, psychologists, volunteers who are ready to work with internally displaced children and parents and have a wish to HELP!

Such educational event took place in November 2016 in the city of Izmail, Odesa region. 25 participants of the training received certificates. I express sincere gratitude to psychologists and trainers Ira Sukhova, Snizhana Volokh as well as organizer Anzhelika Zhukova for the conducted training.

I hope that the knowledge and skills received at the training will become useful for people who suffered from traumatic events.
I also hope for further cooperation with you Foundation.

S. Donska

Head of Center
PhD in Medicine, Associate Professor
Chief Pediatric Hematologist of the Health Ministry of Ukraine

We express our deep gratitude to the members of “Hope Worldwide” Charity Foundation for their help in treatment of children with severe blood diseases in Pediatric Hematology and Marrow Transplantation Center of National Children’s Specialized Hospital “Okhmatdyt”.

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The members of the Foundation take great care of kids receiving intensive treatment and become free donors for them. In conditions of high deficit of blood products, help of voluntary donors has a growing importance since every drop of their blood can be crucial to save life of a sick child.

L. Zanevska

Vice President of the Association of Blood Service of Ukraine, the chief doctor of the Kyiv City Blood Center

Kyiv City Blood Center expresses sincere gratitude to “Hope Worldwide” Charity Foundation for fruitful long-term cooperation and impeccable organization of annual Donor Days in 2004-2013.

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Throughout this period, the Donor Days have always been a special event and gathered over 150 people annually. Inspired donors donated their blood necessary to give emergency transfusions for seriously ill patients, adults and children. Furthermore, many donors donated blood in other transfusion medical institutions of Kyiv.

We are grateful to “Hope Worldwide” Charity Foundation and all donors who took part in Donor Days for 10 years.

We hope for further cooperation and development of donor movement.

We wish everyone health and professional success.

V. Tantsyura

The Director of
Kiev city center of social services
for families, children and young people

Dear Volodymyr,

Kyiv city center of social services for family, children and youth of the Executive body of Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) conducts social work with socially deprived families, children and youth who live in difficult living conditions and need external aid.

Kyiv city center of social services for family, children and youth expresses gratitude to you, employees and volunteers of the Foundation for annual support and cooperation in the cause of social integration of children and youth with disabilities.

Thank you for cooperation.

L.A. Sitanska

Director of the Center of social services for families, children and youth Holoseievski district in Kiev

Letter of Acknowledgement

“Hope Worldwide” Charity Foundation

For popularization of healthy lifestyle among school pupils

Director of Holosiivskyi District State Administration Center of Social Services for Family, Children and Youth

Olena Kosareva

The faculty of “Fakel” Children’s Institution of Rehabilitation and Recreation

Dear Volodymyr!

I express deep and sincere gratitude to you for your participation in the lives of forced migrants from ATO zone who now reside in “Fakel” Children’s Institution of Rehabilitation and Recreation. Your considerable assistance and support for those in need is invaluable.

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Those people are hostages of current situation; they are grateful for your support and care. The aid (diapers, hygienic products, shampoo) are so necessary for them, since all their money are spent for urgent necessities, such as medicaments and clothes. Forced migrants are aware that life is hard for everyone these days; therefore, they express deep respect and gratitude to those who find time and resources to help them.
Good dids are noticeable. They are like beacons who lighten lives of those who await help.
We are sure that your activity serves as a great example to other benefactors. Providing assistance, you give both tangibles and hope for better life.
Let your kindness and generosity be paid back to you handsomely. We wish health and wealth, prosperity and warmth in your life.


L.S. Torba

Director of Specialized Boarding School #15

Dear Volodymyr,

Specialized boarding school #15 for children with cerebral palsy and effects of poliomyelitis of Kyiv expresses sincere gratitude for long-term fruitful cooperation with the faculty and pupils with disabilities and orphans.

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Every person is born for joy and spiritual development; and children with physical impairment need it the most. Children are happy and grateful for every moment of communication.

With your sincere souls, desire to create a special holiday atmosphere for children with special needs, you give them warmth of your hearts.

Only true sincerity of souls and nobility of thoughts can motivate to help children.

Thank you for your sensitivity to children with special needs.

We hope for further cooperation.

T.O. Korkh

Director of Trypillya Boarding School

Dear Volodymyr,

On behalf of 107 pupils of our boarding school and members of the faculty thank you for long-term cooperation and charity for our kids. We wish you success, prosperity and health to you and all employees of the Foundation. You contribute to a noble cause of helping orphans to live in good living conditions, helping to forget about difficulties they faced from the first days of their lives. Thank you!

We are kindly asking you, Volodymyr, to assist our school in the process of building repair and if possible to provide financial support for emergency repair of the school façade and insulation of school building.

Kyiv Geriatric Nursing Home

Dear volunteers of “Hope Worldwide” Charity Foundation!
Administration and veterans of war and labor, Chornobyl veterans, people with disabilities and everyone who resides in Kyiv Geriatric Nursing Home, are deeply grateful for your invaluable contribution to the noble cause of helping those who are in need, for your consideration and kindness, for your attention and respect for the elderly and people with disabilities.
With your care, desire to help and sympathize you warm the hearts of the elderly and people with disabilities and bring joy in their lives.
Your charity deserves respect, gratitude and appreciation.


Head of “Second Home – Cherkasy Region” NGO
Forced migrant from Luhansk
Tetyana Kovtun

Please, accept our sincere gratitude and wishes of health, wealth, and peace from the forced migrants in Cherkasy region for provided charitable in-kind help – hygienic products. We are happy to know many people in our country strive in their intentions and actions for kindness, joy and faith in better future.

S.M. Pyshchyta

To Volunteers of Danish Charitable Organization “Help Ukrainian Children”
To Volunteers of “Hope Worldwide” Charity Foundation
Re Humanitarian Aid for Forced Migrants from Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, AR of Crimea

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On behalf of Kremenchuk City Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth, which serves as the focal point for the Center of Assistance to Forced Migrants since January 2015, we would like to express sincere gratitude to the volunteers of your organizations for your support and provision of diapers for 3-year old kids from families of forced migrants from Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, AR of Crimea, who temporarily live in Kremenchuk (Poltava region).
The humanitarian aid has been received on March 5, 2015. Distribution of the products has started on March 6, 2015 and currently continues. We hope for further support and cooperation with your organizations.

March 13, 2015

Deputy Chief Medical Officer
K.V. Zemlyanskyi

The administration of Communal Healthcare Institution “Regional Orphanage #3” expresses sincere gratitude to the volunteers from charitable organization “Help Ukrainian Children” and charity foundation “Hope Worldwide Ukraine” for provided aid to the children living in the orphanage – children deprived of parental care and children who were forced to migrate from ATO zone. We confirm receiving the aid, stated in the list below:

  1. Diapers for kids (46 pcs/pack.) – 72 packages;
  2. Baby bath mousse – 96 fl.;
  3. Detergent – 27 kg;
  4. Bactericidal lamps – 2.

With hope for further cooperation.