Dear friends, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who responded to help a group of forced migrants in Korostyshiv (more than 400 people, mostly women and children). The camp was organized by ICF “Maidan Hospital “. Good news is that the issue of clothing has been currently resolved, the products are available (provided from the farm), However there are difficulties with provision of meat products, since there are many children in the camp and they need proteins.
The heating issue is resolved: the wife of one of Ukrainian politicians has helped to buy 4 solid fuel boilers. We are grateful to everyone who responded to our call for help.
Recently another group of volunteers has joined us: Tetyana Bayetul, who takes an active part in Foundations’ projects and her colleague from “Ukrzoloto” enterprise. They bought meat products and collected clothes, shoes and blankets.
Our M.A.D project volunteers are going to the camp on October 19 with entertaining program for kids.

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