On December 5, within the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project in the regional education department of the Starobelsk district of the Luhansk region, the supervision was held for trainers who were trained in October under the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” and are currently conducting classes. The meeting was organized by Kiev experts – the project manager and psychologist Irina Sukhova and psychologist Alexei Sukhov. The participants of the event exchanged news with each other about how the classes are held, asked questions, shared their experience with colleagues. Most of the coaches noted the ease of working with the program’s methodologies, the positive response of children and their great interest. Children did not encounter anything like this before and, as it turned out, have a great need to discuss topics about fears and traumatic memories, since it is not customary to talk about this in families with parents.

And on December 6, Irina and Alexei Sukhov also met with the program coaches Alena Dorogavtseva and Vera Gubka in the town of Svatovo, Lugansk region, who teach “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” at Svatovo Boarding School for Children with Hearing Problems. Some members of the group are hard of hearing, and some are deaf. All the information that coaches broadcast in the classroom, the teacher-interpreter translates into sign language! The children in the group looked at the psychologists for a long time with caution, but over time they gained confidence, they began to share their experiences and with pleasure communicated with them and drank tea with snacks. The theme of injury is also relevant for hearing impaired children, as well as for normal ones. This is especially noticeable in Svatovo, since in 2015 an ammunition depot was blown up here, all residents of the city experienced explosions and fire for several days, fragments of shells flew all over the city and beyond.

Supervisors discussed with coaches the possibility of the next training of specialists in this particular city.

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