Literally in the last days of the outgoing 2021, classes under the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” in Lisichansk, Luhansk region. This time the participants of the training were veterans of the ATO and JFO. The trainer of the program Irina Kokhanovskaya worked with them, as well as co-trainer, psychologist and ATO veteran, pan Miroslav. This is not the first time the program has helped adults (displaced people, parents, veterans, etc.), and this makes it even more valuable. Here is what the participants themselves noted during the training: “I began to sleep all night and do not wake up”, “My brain began to work as before, otherwise it used to be like frozen”, “Now this event is already in the past, I have become much lighter, like it let me go.” Some shared that they are happy with the wonderful atmosphere, it helps them open up, and at the end of classes they don’t even want to leave. And here are some more veteran testimonials:

“Thank you for the opportunity to develop and be able to get rid of heavy inner feelings. I really liked the atmosphere of trust in our group, thanks to this I felt real changes. After training, you feel lightness”.

“I really liked it and it helped me to look at some things differently. Very grateful”.

“Impressions are only positive. Such meetings are very necessary for veterans to clear their brains and return to real life!”

“The training helped me a lot, and now I know how to behave in difficult situations, and I will also tell others about it”.

And this is the shortest review: “4.5.0.” It stands for: “Everything is fine, everyone returned alive from the mission”.

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