“Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques” therapy sessions continue in Maksymilianivka, Donetsk region within the implementation of the next stage of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project. Therapy sessions are held for children traumatized by military activities in Eastern Ukraine. The sessions involve 9 children who have survived a military conflict. They learn psychological techniques that help to overcome post-traumatic disorders, such as sleep disturbances, nightmares, obsessive memories. Trainers – volunteer psychologists who have been trained in the above-mentioned methodology – note that at the sessions children are very attentive and already begin to actively work with their bad memories. The funds for the therapy in Kostyantynivka were raised during “Gala of HOPE” charity concert held in June 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland. It was organised by “HOPE worldwide Zurich” and “u l t r a S c h a l l” ensemble.