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The purpose of volunteering is to bring joy and help to those in need. At that, the social status, wealth, education, age and sex of volunteers do not matter.

1. One can acquire the status of the volunteer of charity foundation in case of:

• True desire to help people
• Understanding and accepting the aims, methods and principles of the charity foundation

2. Volunteer’s rights:

• Choose the type of activity, which corresponds to his/her interests and aspirations
• Receive necessary information and means to execute tasks
• Make suggestions and comments during the discussion of volunteers’ activities
• Refuse to execute the task due to objective reasons
• Stop his/her volunteering activity by own decision or according to the respective decision of the charity foundation

3. Volunteer’s Duties:

• Treat members, partners and other volunteers of the foundation with respect
• Execute tasks thoroughly and on time
• Correlate own interests with other people’s interests and tasks
• Act according to current legislation of Ukraine and Charter of the foundation
• Provide all necessary reports (including financial reports) about his/her activities on time

4. Project coordinators of the charity foundation have the right to:

• Educate and train volunteers
• Expect a respectful attitude from volunteers towards members, partners of the foundation
• Demand careful attitude towards the foundation’s property
• Refuse from the services of the volunteer due to objective reason or in case of violation of the rules

5. Project coordinators of the charity foundation are obliged to:

• Provide necessary conditions for volunteers activity
• Explain volunteers their rights and duties
• Provide volunteers with information about activities of charity foundation
• Solve all conflict situations that arise in the process of volunteering activity in a diplomatic manner

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