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Every healthy person aged 18 to 60 years can become a blood donor. Each donor should know that the health of the patient depends on the condition of donor’s health.

For donated blood to be of use for the patient, a donor must follow certain rules:

  • The blood can be donated only if the heath condition of the donor is satisfactory
  • A donor should get enough sleep and have a good rest one day before blood donation
  • One day prior to donation and on the day of blood donation it is not recommended to overindulge with food: please, exclude fat (butter, fat meat and fish, fat dairy products, eggs) from your meals. During these two days you can eat lean meat and fish, porridges, boiled, steamed and fresh vegetables and fruit
  • Right before blood donation, it is recommended to have light breakfast (tea or juice, white bread). A substantial lunch will help renew the strengths after blood donation
  • A donor must not overindulge with alcohol and it is necessary not to drink alcohol for at least 5 days before blood donation: the damage of alcohol in donated blood to the patient, especially if it is a child, is very serious
  • A donor must not smoke on the day of blood donation

To donate blood one should have a passport!

Eligibility criteria for blood donation: please, consult your doctor before making a decision to donate blood
In order to ensure safety for you and patients who need blood transmission, please, consult your personal physician if it is safe for you to donate blood. You can also check the eligibility criteria for blood donation, listed on the Red Cross website:

In any case, you will see a doctor and pass a standard medical examination before donating blood, but it is always better if you know in advance that your donation will not harm, but only help those in need.

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