On October 21, there was conducted a meeting with children from the Trypillya Boarding School. The volunteers continued their program «Superbook» with kids of the 1-3rd grade. This time they talked about wonders that Jesus made, watched the cartoon, played games and made some handicrafts. Children of the 5-6th grades attended the «Art Therapy» club. These classes help them to open themselves, to feel their importance, to communicate with each other through art and game. The volunteers of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” charity foundation played football, and the girls participated in photo session organised for them. It is inspiring that this school year the volunteers team was joined by newcomers with practical and interesting ideas about how the kids could develop their talents and get skills necessary for living. So, for the children of the 8-9th grade the business club «Succulents» started. As these room plants are easy to keep and fashionable, the children were offered to grow them and after that to prepare them for sale them showing creativity and imagination in the compositions. Best wishes to the new project!