On February 21, the volunteers from our Foundation visited the boarding school in Velykopolovetske. While planning their trip the volunteers discussed spiritual development of children and their potential role in this process. Through friendship and communication, it is possible to change attitudes of children towards the world, towards each other, and help them to get to know God. Thanks to mutual efforts an interesting program for kids has been developed.
Senior group of girls discussed the topic of femininity, positive qualities of each other, made different jewellery and gave it to each other. They also made greeting cards for boys who were playing basketball.
Kids from middle school classes together with volunteers studied the life of Moses and made analogy with life of Jesus Christ. Volunteers were happy that children knew Bible stories and everyone enjoyed interesting conversations.
Kids from primary school watched “Fiksyky” cartoon and then discussed it. Afterwards boys were making greeting cards for soldiers and girls were sewing little hearts.
After the learning activities, everyone had fun at disco-party!

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