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On November 24, the team of the “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation again came to Tripillya boarding school. Congratulating the birthdays, the volunteers organized simple fun contests for children, which they learned in the fall of this year at the foundation’s annual seminar at the playsmaster Nikolay Shut. Then, for each age group, the children conducted various educational and entertainment programs.

Students of grades 1-4 were divided into two teams. The participants of one of them danced “Just Dance”, and the rest of the guys created incredible masterpieces, drawing in a very peculiar way: they inflated drops of paint through paper on the paper. Then the teams changed places.

Boys of grades 5-7 discussed with men who a real gentleman is, and in the meantime their classmates made handmade soap – fragrant pieces of various shapes and sizes with spangles and even with flower petals! The pleasant smell of these small works of art filled the entire floor of the building.

And the most senior pupils of the boarding school began to pass the “Career Guidance Program”, specially developed by Elena Belousova. Under this program, children will reveal their talents, learn to set goals, search and find ways to achieve their dreams.