We are happy to announce that another elderly care institution – Specialized Geriatric Institution for War and Labour Veterans, the Elderly and People with Special Needs (Kyiv, Kotelnykova st., 32/11) joined the “Old Friends’ Home” project.
This means that over 260 elderly residing there will soon be engaged in different programs of the project: educational and cultural events (retro cinema, festive concerts), art-therapy, and Bible studies. It is planned that around 15-20 volunteers will work with this institution within the frames of the project.
About project:
“Old Friends’ Home” project is aimed at providing assistance to state elderly care institutions in sustaining physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the elderly, namely: to improve their daily life and daily routine, form positive attitude towards their life, improve health conditions and mood. The Project involves over 700 elderly residing in three geriatric nursing homes and one clinic hospital department for war veterans.

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