On 23-24 September 2017, the Annual All-Ukrainian Training for the Volunteers of Hope Worldwide Foundation was held. More than 120 participants from Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Kyiv gathered under one roof of education and communication idea.

Two big and dramatically important topics sounded during the two days of the event. The first one is “Basics of Gaming”. Why do people play? How to create an atmosphere of a game? What games do children, adults and people in golden years prefer? A masterclass about the art of game was held by Nikolai Shut’, a trainer of gaming, a children’s composer, a poet, an author of the books, PhD in Pedagogics, assistant professor in Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after G.S. Skovoroda, the creator and the manager of entertaining and educating projects. His amazing mischievous  energy was shared by everyone! Besides the pleasure of playing games, both the children and the volunteers received a lot of advice from the experienced game master about organisation and managing the programs for people of all ages.

Another theme of the masterclass was «The Inner Resources of the Volunteer». Marina Romanenko, a psychologist, the director of the First Children Academy, a volunteer and a good friend of our Fund talked about it. Relaxed atmosphere of questions and answers session, reflexion and discussions with the psychologist helped the volunteers to gather the understanding of how valuable their inner potential, their character and their principles are, and how to keep and grow them serving to the others.

The training opened a new school year and set new goals as well as it gave new energy. Good luck, our dear volunteers!

Participants’ feedback:

I feel thankful to the volunteers of the fund for their work. It was so admiring to watch the results of their work: happy smiles of the children and elderly people. You are spreading so much good and let it grow! Long live to you, friends! Anna Basalyga, Kyiv.

It was a great training of the game mastering! Thank you all for sincerity and application to work. Kind regards, Nikolai Shut’, Kharkiv.

I was inspired meeting the game master. Nikolai Shut’ is a wonderful person and a true professional. I liked that we played a lot, that there was more practice and live examples than the theory. Experience has shown that gaming is actual for people of all ages and it helps a lot making friends, creating friendly atmosphere and gathering the participants into one team. It was fun! Marina Romanenko was inimitable as always. I am already using and spreading a word about a new suggested technique of quick emotional restart. Olga Shikalova, Kyiv.

I am happy to spend this time in Irpen, happy that there were guys from Lviv, it was very useful for us. Nikolai Shut’ was so cool with his ideas. We will definitely use his tricks playing the games with elderly people and kids at the boarding school and at services. Marina, as far as I understood, every year comes with some new life hacks as ‘drop your head to take it easy’ and so on. Many thanks for the time that we spend in these pines every year. Irina Shvydkaya, Lviv.

It was an interesting training, the first day taught us how to see our own goal particularly in games. The second day was intense, there were many questions and due to simple and applicable methodic we found the answer to everything. Svetlana Odnoletok, Kyiv.

It is great to have a possibility to learn from the professionals and to develop your own effectiveness and wisdom serving to the others. I am happy to be useful for this world, and that is the main thought that I understood after the training. Natalia Kovtun, Kyiv.

I liked the organisation of the event a lot: a nice place (big and light premises, wonderful nature around), friendly atmosphere, spirit of creativity and cooperation among the volunteers. The high class trainers are the practitioners with grand experience. Amazing spiritual teaching from Lesha Kravets suited perfectly the idea of the training about our self-motivation not only as volunteers but also as people living in society. It is worth mentioning that the training was videotaped and the participants will be able to get access to the materials to think about them once again and reconsider some moments of the event. Many thanks for food and coffee breaks (everything was enough), and also many thanks to the volunteers for help in preparing the program. Generally, I liked everything. Yury Bernadin, Kyiv.

I am happy to be present at the annual training for the volunteers. It is a great opportunity to see a general picture of what the Fund is doing, to communicate with the volunteers from different locations and services, to get inspired, and of course to get new experience and develop our knowledge base. As for me, I received inspiration for further service and understood how to do it more effectively. Yulia Udovenko, Odessa.

I wanted to get to this training very much, but this trip from Kharkiv to Kyiv seemed to me impossible because of finances and health. Yes, I was hesitating. But having come I felt so blessed and I understood that that was worth it! A wonderful meeting with a wonderful person! Nikolai Shut’ is from Kharkiv and he is lecturing in the university where I used to study! But the miracle is not only in these facts but in meeting a person who has a real treasure in his heart and is ready to share it. So, did I like the coolest training in my life? You can tell it by my expression (smiling). Now with the help of the God I want to find my own contribution to all this. Because this is what the God  told us: «The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Matthew 25:40). And let him possess all the glory! Liliya Koval’, Kharkiv.

Training involved all of us, and Nikolay Shut’’s energy just overfilled the audience. We were looking forward to the second day to meet Marina Romanenko who was always ready to help us resolving the problems and answering the questions. The atmosphere was as always happy and inspiring. I wish to all the participants fruitful work in a new year with love, and faith, and hope! Tatiana Dzevulskaya, Kotsubinskoye, the Kyiv Region.

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