On the last day of January, our volunteers took a second trip to the boarding school in Velykopolovetske village. By coincidence, our volunteers came on the same day, as did the volunteers from “Living Hope” organization. Having gathered at the playing hall, everyone greeted those who had their birthdays in January and sang several songs.
After the greetings, all participants were divided into three groups. Kids from primary school classes watched “Smisharyky” cartoon and learned how to clean their teeth under the guidance of Oksana Sheremet. They also drew the favourite cartoon characters.
Kids from middle school classes, coordinated by Bohdan Dykyi, discussed the story of Zacchaeus and Jesus. The high school pupils together with volunteers took part in the ‘Positive Thinking’ training of the ‘Equal to Equal’ project. After the learning activities, all children gathered in the gym, where the “Living Hope” volunteers organized exciting sport relay race for children. At the end of the day, children were making a fruit salad under the guidance of the talented chef Andriy Shadkov.

“Спасибо за фото Юрию Кучеренко”

From Январская поездка №2 в Великополовецкую школу-интернат. Posted by БФ “Надежда по всему миру” on 2/06/2015 (65 items)

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