There is a metaphor in our project: when we learn techniques for overcoming post-traumatic stress, we seem to fill our imaginary “backpack” with various techniques and tools. With one tool you can overcome the fear of military equipment, with the other – to relax from stress and anxiety, the other – will help to establish a healthy sleep without nightmares. A complete “backpack” with psychological self-help techniques for every occasion and taste – this is what the participants of the groups take with them after completing the course of the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques”.
And we have a pleasant tradition to give young participants a real backpack with “tools” for art and leisure. For example, paints, air plasticine, albums and sketchbooks, stickers, puzzles, markers, toys. All of these are also “tools” to continue working on your memories and fears and just for a great mood.

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