On April 25, the volunteers of our Foundation went to Mostyshche boarding school to celebrate International Mother Earth Day together with children. The big cleanup of the school territory and painting of children’s favorite wooden gazebo was planned for that day.
Volunteers and children started to work eagerly. Everyone wanted to contribute and to clean the environment. Children swept sport playground, territory near the main entrance, asphalt lanes, cleaned the dry grass.
Our volunteer, Andriy Hurin, organized the painting process of wooden gazebo. He handed out cans with paint, rollers, and brushes. High school children started the painting process excitedly and painted gazebo in bright colors.
Our volunteers, Tetyana Tovkach and Tetyana Kobets conducted a master-class on making girls’ headbands with Ukrainian symbols. Children enjoyed the process of gluing red bright poppy-flowers and daisies on the headbands. After the master-class, they took pictures near the blossoming trees wearing their headbands.
Our volunteer, Olena Kologradska, prepared “”My garden and my kitchen garden”” program for kids form primary school. Children enjoyed it a lot: they happily stuck paper cut vegetables and fruits on their own gardens and kitchen gardens.
Thus, volunteers and children celebrated Earth Day with useful deeds and pleasant communication.

“Спасибо за фото Юрию Кучеренко”

From Апрельская поездка в Мостыщенскую школу-интернат. Posted by БФ “Надежда по всему миру” on 5/07/2015 (79 items)

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