On April 13, Kyiv hosted the fifth seminar for married couples and those who are interested in the topic of relations from the series “And they lived happily ever after.” The seminar was called Beauty and the Beast. This time they talked about the differences between men and women, whether a happy union between such different “creatures” is possible, and how weaknesses and peculiarities of partners in a pair can be turned into a “glue” that unites forever.
The authors and trainers of the program Sergey and Anna Grebtsov opened the topic through psychological practices and tests, the Bible, films, art therapy, games. And in order to relieve the tension, they joked and laughed a lot: the topic, you see, is not an easy one ?! And they drank tea with sweets, talked and took pictures. In general, it was wonderful!
The next meeting “Scarlet Sails” will be held on May 18 and will be devoted to dreams and goals.
Looking forward to continue!

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