On December 09, the volunteers of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation conducted another meeting of the Girls’ Club at the Kyiv specialized boarding school #15 for children with poliomyelitis sequelae and cerebral palsy. The meeting was the last one in 2015.
The girls made paper hearts and wrote their most special and inspiring traits on them. They learned complimenting themselves and find something amazing and worth admiring in them. Each participant shared her hobbies with the others. They also shared their dreams during individual communication with the volunteers.
This time the girls also learned how to combine colors in clothing, using coloring pages. The next meeting planned for 2016 will be dedicated the color theory and the ability to implement it on practice.

From Первая декабрьская встреча “Женского клуба” в школу-интернат №15. Posted by БФ “Надія по всьому світові” on 12/22/2015 (24 items)

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