On December 30, the volunteers of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation went to Trypillya boarding school. It was the last trip to Trypillya in 2015 within the frames of the “Man of the House” Project.
In total, 10 working trips have been conducted in 2015 within the project. Volunteers and students dedicated 60 working hours to the project implementation. Currently, over 40% of repair works (in the changing room of the dormitory) are done.
Accomplishments of the team constitute: assembling metal studs for plasterboard walls (45 sq. m) – 100%; assembling 3 doors, priming the surface of the plasterboard walls – 60%; electricity works – 85%, assembling framing for the ceiling – 5%, floor repairs – 5%.
Many children left the school for holidays, thus only two students took part in the training: Dmytro Savchenko from 9th grade and Volodymyr Kucher from 7th grade. The training was conducted by two volunteers: Vitaliy Selivanov (assembling works) and Vadym Radionov (electricity works).

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