On April 25, the volunteers of our Foundation spent the day with children in Trypillya boarding school. Traditionally, everyone greeted those who had their birthdays in April. Then the big cleanup of the school territory followed. After the cleanup, children and volunteers split in groups for educational activities.
Kids from primary school learned how to be a good friends together with Robik from Superbook, made greetings cards, played games and danced.
Children from 5-6 grade had art workshops: they made decoupage frames and learned the technique of aging.
The boys from the “Motorists” club learned how to mount and dismount a car tire and explored the inside of the motor hood. Detailed answers followed each of the numerous questions.
Girls from 7-9 grade continued to discuss the topic of femininity. Together with the volunteers, they conducted phototherapy and using their own
photos taken during the last photo-session learnt to discover and appreciate their own beauty.

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