On April 8, the volunteers of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” charity foundation visited their young friends from the boarding school in Mostyshche village. As a part of the “Superbook” program children talked about the Easter holiday, watched the Easter episode of the “Superbook” cartoon, participated in video quiz from Robic. Volunteers also prepared for their young charges the performance “Resurrection of Jesus” and master class of painting the cookies. Showing all their creativity, the kids passionately filled the pastry bags with coloured cream glaze and painted cookies, decorating them with powder. After that everybody enjoyed a cake brought by kids’ request. The girl-members of the “Women Club” did manicure under supervision of the nail-technologist Natalia, having a tea talk after that. Small kids in the “Art-Therapy” project were developing motor skills drawing pictures, glueing applications of coloured paper, decorating confectionary and playing a ball. And the boys of the “Gentlemen Club” participated in a team building training. They developed patience, solidarity, support, as well as their leadership skills and interpersonal cooperation in different situations. Many thanks to all the volunteers participating in the projects!

From Апрельская поездка в Мостыщенскую школу-интернат. Posted by БФ “Надія по всьому світові” on 4/18/2017 (96 items)

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