At the beginning of March, the psychologists who had been through intensive training in Kyiv in January 2018 started “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques” therapy course in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi (Kyiv region). Two therapy groups are held for technical college students within the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project in the Professional and Technical Education Centre. Despite the difficult topic related to the military activities in Eastern Ukraine and other traumatizing events, 18 teenagers age 15-18 years are motivated to participate in the therapy. They trustfully share their emotions within the group, tell their personal stories and joyfully practice self-regulation techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and fears. “A safe place” exercise turned out to be very resourceful and inspiring for the young people.
The funds for the therapy in Kyiv region were raised during “Gala of HOPE” charity concert held in June 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland. It was organised by “HOPE worldwide Zurich” and “u l t r a S c h a l l” ensemble.

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