On November 14, “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” therapy courses started at Valeriy Dotsenko school #5 in Myrnohrad, Donetsk Oblast. The sessions are held in 2 groups for fifth grade students. Hanna Bondareva and Yulia Dobrodieieva, specialists of the school social and psychological service who have been recently trained in the “Children and War. Teaching Recovery Techniques” program work with children.

“At the first session, the participants from our 5-A, 5-B and 5-C classes got to know each other, got acquainted with the program of upcoming sessions, set themselves up for work, and defined the rules that they will follow during the meetings,” wrote Olha Cherkashyna, principal of Valeriy Dotsenko School #5, on the school’s Facebook page. – “The children remembered well the team-building games. A friendly atmosphere that encourages cooperation, mutual support, a shoulder to lean on, an “open” dialogue – all this will help the trainers and the groups achieve their goals within the program.”

The therapy sessions are held with the support of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project partner, the Canada-Ukraine Foundation.

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