Trainers Elena Lisyanskaya and Larisa Polivanaya conduct classes on the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” at Rubezhnoye school No. 9 in two groups at once: children’s (13 schoolchildren 11-12 years old) and parental (five people). Both children and parents at these meetings learn self-help techniques with great interest, and at home they continue to master them together in practice. It’s funny when the daughter says to her mother: “You are not doing the relaxation right!” And it’s very touching when the mother and son come together to overcome the fear of the dark of the child, or when the son asks the mother not to cry quietly, but to tell him everything, because he already knows how to listen to other people’s difficult stories. Trainers note how strikingly similar parents and children are: their way of experiencing feelings, their way of thinking, even the intonations of their voices are similar! This echoes a well-known proverb if you paraphrase it a little: “Tell me who your children are, and I will tell you who you are.” And this was a revelation for some parents, both pleasant and not very pleasant. At the same time, this awareness inspired them to be even more responsible in working on themselves and learning to communicate positively with children. After all, one wants so much to see their children responsible, happy and healthy in the future too. In order to support and encourage trainers and participants in group classes in their hard work, as well as answer urgent questions, on November 19, guests from Kiev, experienced psychologists of the Children and War program, Irina and Alexey Sukhov, arrived in Rubezhnoye. The supervision meeting was held thanks to funding from the partners of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project. Thank you for your caring hearts!

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