Since June, in the village of Sosnovy, Svatovskiy district, Lugansk region, a group has been held under the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” for children. Coaches Alena Dorogavtseva and Olga Krivonos conduct classes in a gazebo in the courtyard between houses, gathering children who live in the neighborhood. Boys and girls work very actively, paint bad dreams and train to get rid of obsessive thoughts. And in the evening they actively discuss all the skills and self-help techniques they have acquired with their parents and neighbors, and now even grandmothers on the bench know that “young people are doing a good thing and they will be good”. Unfortunately, not all children who wish were included in the group: the rest walked around the gazebo and looked forward to their turn. Among the events that frighten and disturb, the group members also indicated the coronavirus. We would like to note that the techniques of the program are also effective when working with this topic, as with many others. Children themselves note that the level of their anxiety decreases, they worry less when their parents leave for work, and they are no longer worried about dreams about the illness of their loved ones.

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