In February-March 2021, the trainers of the Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” Irina Zhadik and Lyudmila Romanenko conducted classes in the city of Gorsky, Lugansk region. Classes for children and their parents were held at the Leleka Rehabilitation Center. Most of all, the coaches were amazed at how huge “baggage” of traumatic events each child brought with him to the group. At the same time, the children shared so much their experiences and stressful situations experienced over the past few years that sometimes there was barely enough time for all the planned practical exercises. Everything was useful for them: working with fears, intrusive memories and nightmares, breathing and relaxation techniques, training positive thinking and much more. And in short breaks, the participants played and drank aromatic tea with sweets. By the eighth final meeting, we “worked together” and made friends so much that they did not want to part. We wish that the experience gained and new skills will help the participants to be more calm, confident and happy! Today and in the future!

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