Zolote of Luhansk region is a hot zone in eastern Ukraine, where shelling continues almost every night. For 7 years already. And as strange as it sounds, the locals have long been accustomed to it. But the worst thing: during this time, a whole generation of children has grown up who were born in the “fiery” 2014 and have already gone to school. In light of this, psychological work with children and parents in this area is more relevant than ever. Young trainers Irina Kokhanovskaya, Alena Zhupiy, Natalya Gordeeva and Oksana Katunina conduct classes under the “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” program with children aged 9-11. Classes are held at school # 5 and the Center for Active Leisure “KHABchik” NGO “Golden Divosvit”. Schoolchildren are anxious, noisy, but like sponges, they absorb techniques and methods. We wish the trainers and participants success and effective work!

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