In March-April 2019, classes “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” were held at school of the village of Nizhnya Duvanka, Svatovsky district, Luhansk region. Coaches Artem Krikunov and Vita Davydenko worked with children and their parents. Such a program and, in general, techniques to improve the psychological state for the residents of the village are new! At each meeting – opening, overcoming doubts and great interest. After each lesson, the participants had less and less painful memories and there was more and more confidence and hope for a better future. Children from classes were also delighted!
On April 3, psychologists of the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine”, Irina and Alexey Sukhov from Kiev, visited trainers of the school with supervision. The principal and the head of the social work department of the local community expressed great interest and support to the guests. And the people of Kiev were met so warm and cozy, they even did not want to leave. Rural generous breakfast, kind people, a sense of family, in which everyone sincerely cares about each other, where everyone in sight and understands the personal responsibility for the village, children, the future – all this left indelible impressions about the trip. Many thanks to all the staff for your hearts, kindness and optimism, and to the coaches – for their professionalism and excellent work!

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