In the Stroiteley microdistrict of the city of Svatovo, Luhansk region (in the courtyard between two houses, under a self-built canopy, among cherry trees and raspberry bushes), local residents gather to talk about life and traumas experienced. Some of them witnessed the explosions of ammunition depots in Svatovo (that night, many ran out of their houses and hid outside the city), and someone survived the forced resettlement and remembers the abandoned house with pain. At the meetings of the “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” group, which are conducted by trainers Alena Dorogavtseva and Olga Krivonos, the participants at first spoke about these painful events with irony, and then with tears. All of them noted that they have been using some techniques for a long time and do them intuitively, they just did not even know that they were techniques. Although there are some practices that turned out to be new for them. In any case, each member of the group was able to choose a technique or exercise for itmself, which fell on its soul, everyone liked it. Classes end very mentally – tea drinking. And cups with polka dots and cookies create a particularly warm and pleasant atmosphere for communication.

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