In May-June, classes under the “Teaching Recovering Techniques” program were held for 12 employees of the Novokramatorsk Engineering Plant (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region). Coaches Dmitry Lavrik and Alexander Klinovsky worked with them. At the first lesson, the participants were suspicious and distrustful, they all mentioned small stressful situations and no one wanted to talk about the painful trauma of the war. But after reading the military story “about Mikhailik” the group opened up and many began to talk about their injuries. The acceptance and creation of a safe space from coaches also contributed to this. The warm atmosphere in the group with each lesson helped the participants to more and more deeply share their states and experiences. And someone said that before participating in the training, he did not even realize how much negative memories associated with trauma affect his life today. At the final lesson, many said that in the course of the training they acquired not only new knowledge and skills, but were also able to solve their life situations that worried them. And also that the transformation of their inner state was noticed not only by themselves, but also by their environment. Congratulations to the participants with the end of the class! We wish you to maintain the inner emotional balance, over which you have worked so hard, and may prosperity and good luck accompany you in everything!

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