In May, classes under the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” took place in Slavyansk, Donetsk region. A group for 14 women was organized by the Foundation for the Support of Seniors “Age of Happiness” under the city’s social services. And these women are just amazing: they like amateur performances, they do Scandinavian walking, go on excursions and hikes, and even take part in beauty contests! That would be so much hobbies and energy for each of us! And at the first lesson, when working with trauma, the participants reacted with distrust to the training and young coaches – Natalia Babartseva and Katerina Korol. But meeting after meeting, the atmosphere in the group changed, the participants more actively shared about themselves, helped each other and learned to listen. It was a completely new experience for them: sharing their feelings and pain with others, as well as accepting and sharing the feelings of those around them. At the final lesson, one of the participants told the trainer: “You have changed my idea of youth. I thought that all young people were spoiled and stupid. But I respect you, you fellows, taught us old women what we ourselves have not thought of and have not learned in our life! This means that not all young people are lost and not everything is lost”. And you must admit that it is great when representatives of different generations can exchange important, useful and valuable knowledge and experience with each other. Especially when it comes to healing from the trauma of the past, so that the future is brighter, easier and happier! What we wish both the coaches and the participants!

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