It is not an easy task to choose the best out of over 200 kind, generous, caring people. Each of them deserves great appreciation and respect for their help and love to those in need. Each of them dedicates time, effort and finances to the cause.
Each of you, our dear volunteers, is valuable and unique. We are grateful to each of you for your desire to help others!
And, we congratulate the Volunteers of the Year and proudly announce their names:
Lidiya Fedyuk, Yuriy Bernadin (Kyiv Geriatric Nursing Home on Budarina st.);
Oksana Zavada, Iryna Skop, Serhiy Pavlenko (Bording School #15 for Children with Cerebral Palsy);
Volodymyr Mos, Tetyana Tovkach Inna Chaika (Mostyshche Boarding School for Orphans)
Liliya Pavlova (Nursing Home for Labor Veterans on Zhukova st.);
Svitlana Krupka, Lyudmyla Zavodnyuk, Bohdan Dykyi, Snizhana Volokh (Velykopolovetske Boarding School for Orphans);
Anastasia Kurbakova, Oleksiy Ovsyannykov, Denys Horbach, Olena Kostyukova (Trypillya Special Boarding School for Children with Mental Retardation and Orphans);
Alla Deminska, Bogdan Tkachivskyy Alla Petruk, Oleksiy Sukhov, Dmytro Kuzmychov, Olena Kuzmychova, Tetyana Koval, Ihor Koval, Maksym Livshyts, Oleksandr Reima, Andriy Wooten, Dmytro Vitrenko, Vlad Poltoratskyi.
This year we present a book “Life Without Borders” by Nick Vujicic as a gift for Volunteers of the Year.
Nick Vujicic is a unique man, born without hands and feet, but is completely independent, lives a full and rich life. He got 2 degrees, is capable of typing on computer, and loves surfing. Nick is a world-known motivational speaker. It took him many years to learn perceive his problems not as a barrier, but an opportunity for growth, setting big goals and achieving them.

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