Volunteer students of M.A.D. share their impressions after another trip to the refugees: «Every trip to Korostyshev to the people that had to leave their homes touches me a lot. I cannot stay indifferent. I become more grateful for everything I have, and I want to give more warmth and love to every child who lives there. I see how it supports parents when we come to spend time with children. When a child is happy, their parents are happy too. I come there with intention to give, but I get much more: joy, gratitude, hugs and smiles. When they say ‘Don’t go!’, I really do not want to leave. I pray every time for the children and the adults who live there, look at them and dream that God blessed all of them. And I am so grateful for the opportunity just to give my love, support, look at the children’s eyes and see sincere joy and wish that I could stay for longer. What we can do for them is so valuable. I think almost everybody can find time in their timetable that is priceless for these kids and can give them so much support. Go and find in your busy life a couple of hours for kindness and love! Fill yourself with love and give to the others – this is my request to everybody!»

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