Due to quarantine and limited visits to the Kiev boarding house for labor veterans, the volunteers have not seen their wards for a long time. Of course, everyone missed each other very much: for meetings, friendly communication and joint tea drinking. How happy both the volunteers and their friends from the boarding house were that in such a difficult time they managed to organize an excursion around Kiev and walk around the city together. For Pasha from the boarding house, this small trip became a birthday present, for Svetlana it was a warm nostalgic memory (especially when we were walking around Podol, a favorite place of youth). And Anya Startseva, the daughter of the volunteers, baked a pumpkin pie. Homemade baking is always something special for those who do not have their own home. Everyone’s heart was warmed! Therefore, when we said goodbye, we dreamed of meeting on an excursion again, when it gets warmer, in order to start a picnic on the grass as well! And we sincerely wish you this, our dear volunteers and our friends from the boarding house! Let it all work out!
PS: Thank you for organizing the event to Maxim Livshits, Sergey and Tatiana Startsevs, Svetlana Selitskaya!

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