On February 16, 2019, a team of volunteers visited their friends from Tripillya boarding school. Congratulating the birthdays, the volunteers went to classes. With the children of grades 1-4, they played interactive games with balloons, and then talked about what love was and made “valentines”. And they completed the program with a pleasant tea party with homemade marmalade and cookies to the music of the guitar. Schoolchildren of grades 5-7 created the “Dream Map”, cutting out pictures from magazines and creating their own individual collages. They talked about that it is important to dream, and everyone could share their cherished dreams. Then they drank tea with homemade muffins, which the volunteer girls brought with them for children and their teachers. In order to speak qualitatively with high school students (grades 8-9) about “career guidance”, volunteers decided first to help them to understand themselves more deeply. And as it was the day before Valentine’s Day, they were talking about 5 languages of love. In a cozy room, having a cup of tea, children reflected on what language of love they and their friends had. Is it help, touch, gifts, encouragement or time? By the end of the meeting, everyone was able to answer this question.

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