A regular meeting of the Friends’ Club took place in a boarding school #15 on January 21, 2014. The aim of the meeting was to learn about the different qualities of character and ability to identify the character types. Children were playing ‘Who Am I’, painting their favourite heroes. After the learning session, everyone celebrated the Birthday of one of the students – with cake and 14 candles and warm greetings. Another suprprise of the evening was the visit of Viktoria Dyakova, European champion in archery and her trainer – her mother Oksana Dyakova.
Viktoria ia the participant of the 50th international archery tournament “Golden Autumn”, which took place in Lviv, on September 14, 2013. The tournament is one of the oldest sporting events, held in Lviv since 1964 and is one of the most prestigious archery tournaments in Europe and Ukraine.

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