During their last December trip to the Luhansk region, psychologists of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project Irina and Oleksiy Sukhov visited their friends from the organization “Union of Samaritans of Ukraine” in the city of Zolote. Here twice a week women of “golden age” gather, they communicate, drink tea and, while talking “about this and that,” they create beautiful things with their own hands. This greatly inspires each of them, brightens up leisure and gives positive emotions, therefore the organization actively supports this project. On the eve of New Year and Christmas holidays, our dear “craftsmen” decided to give handmade gifts to the people of Kiev in order to please them and warm those who are alone with warmth. The gratitude and appreciation of everyone who received the souvenirs sparked a desire to make gifts in return. Happy 2021 friends! May the love that you generously give to others return to you a hundredfold!

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