On April 6, a supervision for young coaches of the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” – Oksana Gaponova and Yulia Geychenko took place in Nikoelavka, Donetsk Region. Experts gather a group of young people in the premises of the local church and conduct psychological support classes. This city has its own military history: it was shot and captured, and then released by the Ukrainian troops. Over time, the glasses in the windows in the schools were replaced with new ones, in the houses they “covered” the holes formed by the shells, and in some buildings they completely restored the walls, the stairs, and the floors between the floors. Today, I can’t even believe that there used to be fires, destruction, ruins … But the local people returned to their apartments, the children went to schools and kindergartens, it was time to heal spiritual wounds. And now everyone who comes to group classes on the Children and War program has his own memories of the war, and therefore he studies with special attention and diligence the techniques of self-help and learns new skills in dealing with obsessive memories, fears and stress. And the guys are happy to play fun games and are sincerely happy to communicate. We wish them success in healing and a peaceful sky over their heads!

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