Katya Kovtun works at school №196 in Kiev as a primary school teacher and for many years has been traveling as a volunteer for the charity foundation “Hope Worldwide” to the Kiev boarding house for labor veterans, which is on Zhukov Street. In October, at one of the lessons, she talked to her second graders about reverence and read with them the fairy tale “Heart of Gold”. How nice it was after discussing the topic and question, how and to whom you can serve your good deeds, to see the burning eyes of children and the desire of the guys to do something good together. We decided to collect sweets for tea and take them to elderly lonely people from the boarding house where Katya serves. Parents supported the idea and very quickly helped to pack a parcel of tea, marshmallows, cookies, chocolates, sweets, biscuit rolls. Everyone participated! The parcel was safely delivered to its destination, and the guys over the speakerphone heard touching words of gratitude from the residents of the boarding house! Thank you, our young volunteers, for your caring hearts! And thank you, Katyusha, for cultivating in the younger generation such important values as generosity, kindness and love.

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