Ira Sukhova, “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project manager and Oleksiy Sukhov, organizer of project events, started their training within 2-level post graduate certified trauma-therapy program, organized by the Chair of Practical Psychology at Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (UETS) and Regent University (USA). The studies are conducted by Ukrainian and American experts, psychologists, family consultants, and trauma and crisis psychologists.
“Nowadays there is acute need in trauma-therapy trainings for psychologists in Ukraine, in particular due to the lasting military actions, huge number of IDPs as well as those who lost their close ones… Therefore, the necessity of training the specialists who would be able to provide needed professional assistance cannot be overestimated. A lot of trainings and educational workshops dedicated to psychological trauma are held in Ukraine presently. However, there is no integral program that would ensure complex training and preparation of specialists and include practice supervised by highly-qualified experts”, note the organizers of the program.

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