This phrase is known to almost everyone: young people often lack knowledge and life experience, meanwhile the elderly know a lot, but do not have enough strengths and time to implement the knowledge. The volunteers of M.A.D. project decided to unite the strong sides of two generations and thus compensate for the things they both lack. Free time, aspiring to self-realization and never-ending energy of youth can be directed efficiently at paying attention towards helping other people and learning life lessons from the lonely elderly who are happy to share their wisdom. On November 16, over 70 youngsters visited Kyiv Geriatric Nursing Home (Kyiv, Budarina st., 11). The program was full of nice and useful events: clean-up of the nursing home, walks with the residents in wheel chairs, a concert, and banquet and socializing. To see how it all happened, please, check out the video report.
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