In November 2018, in the framework of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, the classes on the program “Children and War: Teaching Recovery Techniques” held in Starobelsk, Luhansk region. The groups were organized at once in two secondary schools – №1 (coaches Natalia Kolesnikova and Dmitry Lukyanenko) and №3 (coaches Lyudmila Smitanina and Tamara Malyuk), as well as in the Charity Fund “SOS“ Children’s Village ”(coaches Natalia Litvinova and Tatiana Fedotova). At school number 1 in one of the classes, the guys talked about intrusions, practiced the technique of double-focus, drew terrible dreams, and also made a list of possible actions that would help them get rid of obsessive memories. And the children from school №3 especially liked the exercises “Screen” and “Frame”, with which the guys replenished their “backpacks” of self-help techniques. Now it will be easier to deal with painful memories of traumatic events experienced. At the lesson in the “SOS“ Children’s Village ”CF, the coaches presented the hearing, snuffing and kinaesthetic techniques to the participants of the group. Most of all, the children liked working with smells, they were happy to learn to “manage” their memories and actively shared their successes and emotions at the end of the lesson: the “money-box” of new knowledge continues to grow. It`s great that in parallel with each of the children’s groups, there is also a group of parents: they also learn new skills for themselves and share the fact that they enjoy practicing techniques at home.

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