On January 24, under the project “Helping Hand to Ukraine”, in Slavyansk, Donetsk Region, certificates were awarded to new trainers of the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques”. Specialists discussed the features of using the program for children of special categories: placed in an orphanage (whose parents may be deprived of parental rights), socially vulnerable and with deviant behavior.
The trainers recalled how they had to work in very adverse conditions, when the schools turned off water and electricity, there were overlays with the school schedule or no contact with parents at all. Nevertheless, despite the difficulties, the program was effective, the children received improvement in several indicators of post-traumatic stress, and parents began to better understand and accept their children. We thank our partners from the Public Association ProMir for the premises provided for the delivery of certificates, as well as for all activities related to the “Children and War” program.
In general, from July to December 2019, 27 groups for children and parents took place in the Donetsk region (the course for each group is 7 classes), so 267 children and 47 parents received psychological help. Total in Ukraine in September-December 2019 in the framework of the project “Helping Hand for Ukraine” 534 children and parents were trained techniques for self-help under the program “Children and War”.

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