In one of the schools in the village of Podgorovka, not far from Starobelsk of the Luhansk region, the classes on the program “Children and War. Teaching Recovering Techniques” are completed. Thanks to the support of the “Helping Hand for Ukraine” project, program coaches Alexey Ivaschenko and Valentina Chervyak train 26 schoolchildren of 11-12 years old to self-help techniques in dealing with trauma of war and PTSD. Six months ago, in the fall, the first group classes on the method “Children and War” were held in this school. The participants liked the program, the atmosphere in the group and the acquired practical skills so much that they inspired schoolchildren from other classes, and they lined up for the next training, actively trying to find out when will the next group start? Interestingly, in December 2018, the school summed up the outgoing year, and as part of the monthly School Platform event, the guys could share it and speak on the school radio. So touchingly, one of the girls (Ksenia, a ninth-grader, a participant in that first autumn group) singled out the classes on the program “Children and War” as the most significant event that happened to her in 2018! She noted that through working with psychologists, she learned to manage her intrusive memories, to overcome fears, negative experiences and emotions. And now she knows how the body reacts to stressful situations and is able to cope with it independently. “I understand that life presents us with many different difficulties, but now I am more confident in myself and believe that I can overcome everything and even help my loved ones,” Ksenia shared in her speech.

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