On January 16, a class on art therapy was held at Kiev boarding school No. 15 among young volunteers, students of the Рhilological institute of the Boris Grinchenko Kyiv University. The volunteers are participants in a competition of social projects aimed, among other things, at helping children living in specialized children’s institutions. Acquainted with the representatives of the “HOPE Worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation, who acted as the jury at the university’s social projects competition, the students offered their initiative to hold a charity fair and use the proceeds, to buy small gifts, to congratulate the children from the orphanage on holidays and participate fund in ongoing programs.

On the scheduled event 9 students from the University have brought albums with paints and cookies for the children. During the meeting, they communicated with the boys and girls from the boarding school about vacations, dreams and plans, painted their mood with them and shared the results and their feelings. The volunteer students were attentive and sympathetic towards the children, helped them with their assignments, talked a lot, sang and joked. From the representatives of the “Kayak Center” the children were also presented with coloring, fashion bracelets, hairpins, clothes and toys. Time passed in a warm and friendly atmosphere! Finally, new acquaintances exchanged phone numbers, warm hugs and wishes to meet again.

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