The volunteers of “”HOPE worldwide Ukraine”” Charity Foundation are treated as good old friends by the residents of the Kyiv Nursing Home for Labor Veterans (Kyiv, Zhukova st., 2). In summer our volunteers visited their elder friends and spent time together with them. At the art-therapy sessions they were drawing together; during “”To Know God”” meetings they discussed religious and moral issues, prayed for everyone’s health and peace for the country. They also played chess, billiards, watched movies and even took care of the flower beds together.
Iryna Yurko, Serhiy Kondrat, Oleksandr Zayika (aka San-Sanych), Andriy and Nataly Holovakha, Liliya Pavlova, Natalya Slobodenyuk, Vitaliy Selivanov, Inna Musiyenko – these and many more volunteers inspire everyone with their care and love towards others. Loving God and all His creatures is their main incentive. Bringing love and care to the nursing home for the elderly, the volunteers fill their hearts with wisdom and kindness of the older generation. If we love our close ones and live our lives with spirituality, we can change this world for better!

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