On March 18, a team of volunteers visited the boarding school in Mostyshche village. As a part of the project “Superbook” volunteers talked to kids on the theme of bravery, told them about this feature of character and showed “David and Goliath” cartoon. They also conducted the race and competition on the issue of fighting the fears. Then the kids assembled puzzles about bravery and solved the Bible crossword. After that on the workshop young cookers cooked rolls of lavash with different fillings. In the “Women Club” girls discussed external and inner purity, the God’s vision of marriage and responsible attitude to it, and at the end they made pendants of fidelity. Boys of the “Gentlemen Club” played a popular economic game “Cash Flow”, learnt the basics of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and investment as well as how to manage personal finances. And then a competition “To Save Princesses” was conducted when the boys successfully overcame difficult obstacles and learnt masculinity by freeing princesses from the dragon. As a sign of gratitude the ladies cooked dinner for their knights. Small kids of the “Art-Therapy” project painted, played with a ball and soft toys. Many thanks to all the organisators for interesting programs!

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