On February 27, the volunteers of “HOPE worldwide Ukraine” Charity Foundation visited their friends and held another meeting of the “Game Club” in Kyiv Geriatric Nursing Home (Kyiv, Budarina st., 11). The atmosphere of the event was warm and friendly. 13 residents came to the meeting, which is less than usual. This gave an opportunity to get to know each other, to talk more, and to listen to everyone’s life stories.
In a week, on March 5, the volunteers held an art-therapy session in the nursing home for 10 participants. The session was conducted by Foundation’s volunteer, Yana Antonenko. She offered to make paper roses with candies inside and make up a fairy-tale about the flowers. Everyone liked the idea very much. One old lady, while telling her fairy-tale, smiled for the first time during the meeting. When she was returning to her room after the session, she forgot her cane! “That’s the magic power of art-therapy”, everyone concluded.

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